Meant for the industry sectors, the phosphorescent pigments have the capacity to store and emit light:
they load up with light (sun, electrical, UV) and release slowly the stored energy by glowing in the dark.

Definition* : the word photoluminescent covers in general all types of pigments that can emit light thanks to a luminous excitement. Thus, to be more precise, we will talk about phosphorescent pigments.

LUMINANCE : The pigments glow over a variable period of time and in a quick decay curve, that will stabilizes itself during long hours.
The luminance is measured in microcandela/sqm. The luminance can totally extinguish days after an excitement to light. The intensity of the glow will depend of the size of the pigment particle and of its colour: green particles are larger and will glow longer.

ASPECT : The pigment powders are colourless during the day

TYPES OF PIGMENTS : We deal with the biggest choice of pigments, available in several models according to their colours, the size of the particles and their type (solvent or water based)
We also produce a range of pigments coloured by day (please contact us by email only)

The easiest and quickest way is to order via our site (payment by check, credit card, wire transfer). Volume discount prices.
Please contact us for a pro forma invoice.

Send us an email to get a quotation for big quantities/ to get the full degressive price list

For further informations about the preparation of the pigments and how to incorporate them, please see our PDF technical data sheets.

Also ask for our technical application files (Application in Paints and coatings, Application in Inks, Application in Plastics)
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