Phosphorescent PVC letters and numbers

Phosphorescent Letters and Numbers to stick to mark or signal corridors, rows, or locations.

High intensity phosphorescence for 10 hours.

Delivered by La Poste in 24/48hrs.

In stock.

5.30£ tax incl.


Photoluminescent letters and numbers

Our letters and numbers permits a visible marking in the dark thanks to their phosphorescence; they contain no source of electrical energy and don't need maintenance.

Phosphorescent letters and numbers are made of 1 mm PVC and should to be glued, to mark or sign corridors, rows or locations.

High intensity phosphorescence for 10h.

The product is delivered without adhesive.

Letters and numbers available in stock:

- A B C D E F G H I J K L M and
- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Outline: 80x60mm
Printing: 60x40mm

Delivered by LaPoste in 24/48hrs.

In stock.

Use an appropriate adhesive for the substrate (carpeting, concrete, wood, etc.)

Efficiency: 10h of phosphorescence guaranteed

Our letters and numbers are both phosphorescent and photoluminescent, since it is synonymous.

The phosphorescence is recharged when there is light and the phosphorescent power lasts well beyond several decades.

To be effective, the phosphorescent letter must be exposed at least 15 minutes to a source of light (25lux minimum): it may be a lamp, a window or any lighting that can illuminate the phosphorescent letter.

Note: phosphorescence is perfectly effective in complete darkness only.


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