The photoluminescent stair nosings allow the marking of steps in the dark and to prevent risks of falls.
They charge very quickly to natural or artificial light (1 minute of exposure to light will give 30 mn of luminance).
They release the stored energy in the form of light in the dark.

Stair nosing is composed of an aluminium cast and of an anti-slip and phosphorescent plastic strip.
In comparison with the photoluminescent adhesives (that can be easily removed) or with the electrically powered luminous stair nosings (necessitating expensive equipment installation), the aluminium stair nosing is the most reliable, economical and durable solution: phosphorescent stair nosings do not require much maintenance other than a simple wipe, and the efficiency of their photoluminescence lasts more than 20 years!
Consequently, they are recommended for establishments open to the public, that want to be compliant with safety requirements, such as hotels, museums, theatres and cinemas. The thickness of the photoluminescent insert (6 mm) and the screw-secure fixing system of the stair nosing allow them to support during many years the heavy and daily foot traffic. Note: We also provide separately the plastic part (insert) if requested.
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