Fluorescents pigments and dyes

Fluorescents pigments and dyes
Fluorescent pigments are available in more than a dozen different colours, packed in 1kg to 25kg bags (quick delivery 48h). They are coloured powders, highly concentrated, harmless, and quite easy to incorporate into plastics, paints or other. These pigments are fully compatible in aqueous phase or solvent. No grinding is required, they are mixed with any transparent medium, preferably by stirring. Pigments, as opposed to dyes, are insoluble very fine particles (below 15μm).

Dyes are more specific products, which have the particularity to dissolve instantly and completely in some solvents only.
That’s how they display a perfectly translucent colour of highest purity.

You can find all of the necessary information on the product pages and in the pdf file below.
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