Epoxy Resins and "River Table"

Epoxy Resins and "River Table"
We offer a selection of the best epoxy resins to make glazes or castings.
Easy to use, the two-component epoxy resin offers many advantages over other resins (Polyester, Polyurethane, etc.): it is odourless, non-toxic, doesn’t shrink during drying, completely transparent, and shows excellent mechanical properties, especially resistance.
Learn how easy it is to make a river table:
Epoxy resins can be mixed with "candy” pearl or translucent shades or pigments. This opens a whole world of extraordinary decorative possibilities. They are called "River Tables" because of their coloured and pearl epoxy casting effect on resin holding two pieces of raw wood, thus reminding us a river which flows across the land.
It’s also possible to make a table with casting and phosphorescent inlay.

Resoltech Resin: Pro technology products
Arco Iris distributes resins from Resoltech, a French company specialized in epoxy resin technology. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the new resins are more translucent and more resistant to UVs

Here are our epoxy resins for "River Table", in wood, concrete, etc.
- Thick WWA Epoxy Resin known as "casting" (1-30cm)
- 4000 Epoxy Resin, extra thick glaze (0.1-1cm)
- 1010 Epoxy Resin, water-based product for impregnation or clear coating
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