Infrared pigments

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Our colourless pigments based on Erbium and rare earth elements react to infrared radiation by becoming bright and colourful.
They are sold as a white powder.
These pigments have a high density and are insoluble.
They are regarded as fluorescent because they react to light (only to a 980nm wavelength) by becoming colourful and bright, provided they are observed in relative drakness.

We propose only 4 colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow


Packaging : 250, 500, 1000g

Properties IR infrared pigment
Appearance: Off-white Powder
Aspect: Invisible under day light
Aspect under IR980 (+/-5%): Colored and luminous
Emission color: Green under 980nm IR : Emission wavelength: 543±5nm
Emission color: Blue under 980nm IR : Emission wavelength 470±5nm,
Emission color: Red under 980nm IR : Emission wavelength 610nm±5nm
Emission color: Yellow under 980nm IR : Emission wavelength: 543±5nm, 

Particle size (D90): ≤20μm
Particle size (D50): 1-5 μm

Should be kept in a dry place under room temperature and do not expose to sunlight.

Mainly used for various security inks, security fiber, security plastic, 3D Printing Materials for Research and Development, Alternative Energy, Ceramics, Ceramics by Element, Ceramics for 3D Printing.


Order can be done through the website (allow 15 days for delivery for quantities per kg) or by email (proforma invoice)
Degressive pricing depending on quantity.

We can not propose other wavelengths.

The technical specifications, safety data sheet and analysis certificate are available on this page. Analysis certificate available on this page.

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