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Arco Iris® (previously LumenStar)

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Measurement pigments FT Phosphorescent Pigments Analysis certificate-PH Pigments Pigments brochure PRICE-PHOTOLUMINESCENT PIGMENTS

 Our pigments are from the latest generation and represent the range of photoluminescent materials the most efficient in terms of releasing the light.


We don’t propose pigments powders of medium or low quality.


 The photoluminescent pigments Arco Iris with their particular structure of crystal are made from "rare earth elements" (Aluminates and Europium Carbonates/Strontium desactivated). Thier luminescence is 10 times higher than those of  conventional phosphorus/zinc sulfide based pigments



The product is non-toxic, harmless and non-radioactive. Product not considered to be hazardous (see analysis certificates)

produit testé et certifié par SGSProduct tested and certified by SGS



Our phosphorescent pigments have a life span of 10 to 20 years.  They have a great physical and chemical stability (temperature >1300°C, resists well to UV light). Direct contact with metals and water can accelerate quickly their degradation.



Photoluminescent pigments are widely used in industries in manufacturing paints, injection and moulding, silkscreen painting, luminous panels, tapes or films, ceramic tiles etc

 Different technical and artistic purposes can be achieved due to their characteristics. They are completely harmless and are completely safe in consumers products such  as clothes, shoes, helmets, toys, watches, switches, fishing tools, sporting goods…

Their lifetime, their ease of use and their infallibilty are highly valued for  the production of safety products.


GREEN and TURQUOISE should be favoured as they are the only powerful colors. All other colours have low or very low photoluminescence. Some shades such as red or orange phosphorescent pigments are very rare and expensive, yet they have very low photoluminescence power.
They are mixed directly together with basecoats, topcoats, silicones, resins, glass and plastic... The important thing is to have a transparent environment which allows light to pass. Application is always done over white or light coloured background. Over a black background, there is absolutely no photoluminescence.
Depending on the viscosity of the medium, it can be loaded from 2 to 35% by weight
Caution: The photoluminescent pigments are raw materials. They cannot be used as is. To paint you need to use our paintings.

Storage : Our pigments can be stored easily during many years


Application: Plastic, Glass, Glue and Varnish industries


PRICING:  Volume discount prices


Frequently asked Questions :

"Hello, what resin should I buy to use with these pigments?"
> We have two resins here:

"What is the dosage of pigments in the resin, the binder, the varnish?"
> It depends mainly on the final thickness of this layer.
- In a paint (thin layer), 10 to 20% of pigments
In a thick resin, less than 2% to 10%

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