Supercharged phosphorescent pigments S range

Super pigments - high performance
Two versions to choose from in terms of particle size
2030S : from 20 to 30 microns
3040S : from 30 to 40 microns

8.64£ tax incl.

FT phospho pigments S range

Description :

The Arco Iris® phosphorescent pigments of the S range are super pigments : they allow to reach the highest level of luminance* in the world : they have the best ratio « particle size / luminance / afterglow »



General definition :

These are insoluble strontium aluminate microcrystals of inorganic type which produce a phenomenon of phosphorescence :

With the absorption of optical radiation (excitation*), these pigments absorb visible, ultraviolet and infrared light waves and emit a visible phosphorescence in the dark. They are differentiated according to their performance, their size, and their color.


The highest performance in the world :


fine pigments : (from 1 to 25µm) are light, easy to use, and have low performances : they shine less long and less strong.

Large pigments : On the contrary, large particles (50-100µm) allow the highest luminance and the longest afterglow, however they are heavy and too large, and pose multiple disadvantages : in a dry paint film, the large pigments stand out on the surface. In a resin or a plastic, their weight makes them settle and fall back too quickly.


S-type super pigments are supercharged and allow an optimal compromise between their relatively fine size (20-30µm and 30-40µm) and their performance worthy of large pigments. 


Performances : is both luminance and afterglow.


In a paint : the pigment, whose size is announced in an approximate range in micrometer (µm), must represent 50 to 75 % of the dry film thickness of the paint.

Example : for a dry film of 60 µm, we can use a pigment of 30 to 45 µm.


Compatibility : The pigments in the S range are suitable for solvent-based paints.


Appearance and Color

Phosphorescent pigments are semi-transparent and not very covering, they have a variable greenish-white appearance in daylight. The more yellow they are, the more Europium they contain. They appear colored and bright in the dark. The most visible and effective colors are GREEN and TURQUOISE. The other phosphorescent colors have a weak luminance and afterglow.


High performance pigments LBG-2030S

Particle size in micron (µm) *

D10 = 9.09 µm

D25 = 15,66 µm

D50 = 29,13 µm

D75 = 39,84 µm

D90  = 52,10 µm

Luminance in microcandella (mcd/sqm)

2 min = 2408mcd/sqm

10 min = 595.7mcd/sqm

30 min = 172.4mcd/sqm

60 min = 73.3mcd/sqm

7211 min = 0,32 mcd/sqm

High performance pigments LBG-3040S

Particle size in micron (µm)

D10 = 10.12 µm

D25 = 18.05 µm

D50 = 35.99 µm

D75 = 61.48 µm

D90 = 90.52 µm

Luminance in microcandella (mcd/sqm)

2 min = 2881 mcd/sqm

10 min = 722.7 mcd/sqm

30 min = 215.4 mcd/sqm

60 min = 91.08 mcd/sqm

7211 min = 0,32 mcd/sqm

Data sheet to download :


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