Phosphorescent Polyurethane clearcoat PHU2K


Professional quality high resistance photoluminescent paint

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The phosphorescent paints recharge after exposure to natural or artificial lighting. They glow in complete darkness during 10h after being exposed to 30mn to light. The process of absorbing light is very quick: only a few seconds of exposure allow long minutes of luminance.


PHU2K phosphorescent paint is suitable for permanent applications, highly resistant, inside or outside. It's also suitable when specific requirement regarding a high fire resistance. Phosphorescent paints are not recommended for outdoors application as they need complete darkness to be fully efficient.


Appearance :

PHU2K phosphorescent paint  has a bright, colourless, semi-transparent, and slightly green appearance. The colour emitted in a dark area is Green (strong intensity) or Turquoise (medium intensity). It's recommended to apply the paint over a white background for a maximum efficiency;  a black background will reduce the glow.


Application :

Application is done in two successive stages: First the white background, then the phosphorescent paint. PHU2K paint is a finish: It doesn't need any clear coat,  and is extremely resistant.


Composition :

Two-component polyurethane,  very resistant UHS – VOCs <420g/L

Harmfulness :

Application to be carried out in the absence of public, in well ventilated areas



1,33 L Kit

4 L Kit

1L of PHU2K paint

3L of PHU2K paint

0,33L of BS432 Hardener

1L of BS432 Hardener


Easy application: Less problems of sagging, excellent filling power, with roller or spraygun

Quick application : Primer (2 coats) and photoluminescent finish (3 passes) achieved in less than 3 h by  20°C

Fast drying: Touch dry 1h – Dry to handle 24h

Excellent fire resistance: Application meets the different requirements of standard (EN 45545 - 2, according to 3.1 : See reports)

High intensity luminance: Long remanence action and quick charging : Luminance Class C/D (ISO 17398) : See reports

Unalterable phosphorescence : Lifetime exceeding 20 years

Compliance with legislation: Product compliant with solvent emission directive : VOCs <420 g/l.

Excellent resistance: *Top coating unnecesssary - Friction, washing (NFX08-050-1) See statement - Waterproof finish, anti-graffiti properties

Excellent adhesion : Flaking, bross-cut, stickers (NFX08-050-1) See statement

No maintenance needed: Simple Dusting / Washing


Coverage: 1 sq meters per Litre

Preparation : Paint 100 parts + Hardener 33 parts

Application: Brush, roller or spray. Over WHITE paint or primer, or over a light background

Number of coats: 3 to 5 passes (allow to dry 2-5min between each pass). Pot life : 25min at 20°C

Drying: At 20°C : allow 50 min for drying and 24-48h before service

Safety: Refer to the PDF safety specification sheet


Water-based formula!
Our new water-based version of PHU2K paint is a highly resistant polyurethane (b-component product with hardener).
It contains few solvents (VOC ready for use = 60g/L), and thus allows easier application in indoors areas (factories, archives, hospitals...)
This offer is available as a 1.6 kg Kit (1.24 kg Base + 0.3 kg Hardener). Instructions are provided on the paint pot. Datasheet and safety data sheet can be sent by email on request.
Application: 3 to 5 passes, with a minimum of 10 minutes interval between each. Mixture Service life: 2 hours


Version PHCEL2K is a flexible phosphorescent paint.
This varnish is suitable on tarpaulins and leather for example.



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