Transparent fixer for phosphorescent pigments

3 transparent medium formulas for mixing pigments

- PEBEO water-based acrylic brush (350ml or 1L)
- Water-based acrylic for fluid (500ml or 1L)
- Fluid solvent (500ml or 1L)

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Definition: A binder, medium or refers to approximately the same transparent product, which is used to mix phosphorescent pigments to create a phosphorescent paint.

It is a liquid generally intended for painting or coating, which makes it possible to create the basic body of the paint, and to maintain the different types of pigments or pigment pastes before and after drying.
The binder has an evaporable part which disappears during drying, and a solid part, which forms the dry film of the paint.

The binder guarantees the fixing of the powdered pigments on the support (paper, cotton fabric, lycra, cardboard, etc.)
A binder, medium or fixer must be transparent so that the lulière enters and leaves.

Our different transparent binders for phosphorescent pigments:

Acrylic medium in aqueous phase for PEBEO brush (350ml or 1L): thick, odorless, easy to use, easily maintains phosphorescent pigments in suspension. forms a satin finish. Suitable on cardboard, paper, fabrics.

AQUAMIN aqueous phase acrylic binder (500ml or 1L): fluid, ultra flexible, ideal for use with a paint gun or airbrush. Excellent adhesion on all supports. Ultra resistant satin matte finish. contains less than 2% solvents

HS solvent-based binder (500ml or 1L): Contains solvent, flammable. very fluid, it dries quickly, very flexible after drying. Can be varnished with polyurethane varnishes.

What percentage of pigments to use?
The dosage is determined by weight per kg, or as a% of the total:
PEBEO binder: 10 - 25%
AQUAMIN binder: 10 - 20%
Solvent Binder HS: 10 - 20%
The more pigments you put, the more risk there is of cracks and a grainy surface.

Which pigments in which binders?
We can use our hydro pigments in all binders and fixers
and "solvent" pigments can be used only in solvent-based binders and varnishes.

Our binders are also suitable for mixing our fluorescent pigments

Some questions and answers:

What is the difference between solvent and hydro photoluminescent pigment ?
they are the same pigments, except that the "hydro" varnishes are waterproof and can resist water,
while conventional pigments should not be mixed with water binders.

I want to airbrush paint. which pigments are compatible?
All with pigments below 40µm are suitable for airbrushing (0.3mm)

How to dilute the different medium?
For acrylic binders it is possible to use 5 to 20% water
for the solvent-based binder, a solvent-type thinner must be used

Can I wash the fabric after using the different binders ?
Yes our 3 fixers are flexible and resistant

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