Double effect tapes

Available in different sizes on choice:

3cm x 50m

3cm x 90cm

5cm x 90cm

5cm x 50m

Or in roll of 50m in 3 or 5 cm wide 

Reduced price!
13.29£ tax incl.

13.99£ tax incl.

(price reduced by 5 %)

Reflective and glow band

Retro-reflective phosphorescent tapes

These tapes have double properties: phosphorescence and retro-reflection.

They provide a permanent high degree visibility, under all circumstances.

Reflection: Thanks to their base coated with micro-beads, they reflect the light of car headlights, by day, by low light, or by night. Their efficiency classify them into class B materials (visible up to 250m)

Phosphorescence: The tapes emit continually a phosphorescent green glow, that draws its energy by absorbing light. In the way of stars that are invisible during the day, this phosphorescence can be only seen in darkness.. 


Example :        Phosphorescence        Phosphorescence

Visibilty for bikers : The retroreflective phosphorescent tapes will guarantee a perfect visibility for bikers, when applied on jackets and helmets.

Resistance: These professional products are made from the newest technologies. Their lifetime outdoors (under bad weather conditions, sun) is superior to 15 years.

Application : They can be applied on with any kind of strong glue or be sewn on the material.


Sample available (please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope)


To get a quotation on the price of the tapes rolls, please contact us by mail

These tapes are not Class 2 approved tapes


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