Retroreflective ECHO paint for signaling

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StardustColors is the first company to offer a "paint" solution to create a retroreflective surface.

Light reflection and reflecting light back to its source.

This unique system of reflective paint is based on the technique of road marking for signalisation, but has been updated to a more powerful version.

The effect is similar to the ones created by signaling panels: It is very effective at dusk or at night, to reflect vehicle headlights or lamps that can have the night shift workers for example.

It works very well for angles from 90° up to 30°

This paint makes appear markings, objects or obstacles more visible to vehicle drivers or staff equipped with lights.


Appearance: ECHO painting is available in white. It appears white when illuminated at night.

Reflective properties:

Large micro balls have excellent reflectivity (up to 200m).
However, they are more likely to peel off the surface of the paint.
For this reason, when the paint layer is thin, it is best to use micro-sized beads.
About 60-80μm silver micro-beads:
They are coated with a metal layer and have a higher reflectivity.

KIT Spray Details - 0.5M²

The kit includes 2 products

Epoxy-based spray paint 90000 290L

- Echo additive powder 200g


KIT 2.5KG Details - 4-5M²

The kit includes 3 products

- Epoxy-based paint 90000 1L

- Epoxy hardener 90000 0.5L

- Echo additive powder 1kg

KIT 12.5KG Details - 16-20M²

The kit includes 3 products

- Epoxy-based paint 90000 5L

- Epoxy hardener 90000 2.5L

- Echo additive powder 5kg


It uses a 2-component epoxy-based paint combined to some additive powder and the powerful properties of light reflection (lenticular micro beads + glass base)

The system is remarkably easy and quick to apply: Simply with a roller or spray gun, the retroreflective finish can be achieved in 10 minutes and dry to the touch in 1 hour.


Application areas:

Epoxy base allows efficient adhesion on many raw materials, such as stone, concrete, wood, old paintings.

It is thus easy to treat all horizontal or vertical surfaces (floors, walls and posts) and equipments (gates, gear).

For indoors, sufficient air ventilation is needed during application and drying to remove the evaporated solvents..



Very high. The solution shows more resistance than an adhesive solution. This paint is extremely hard, resistant to bad weather, high temperatures, road traffic


Application method:

1 / Prepare the substrate: The surface must be free of humidity, dust, grease. Metals, bare plastics should be prepared first with adhesion primer.

2 / Prepare the mixture with epoxy base 90000, by mixing two parts of lacquer for 1 part of hardener. Mixture lifetime : 45 minutes at 20° C

3 / Preferably with a spray gun, apply one or two thin passes to create a good adhesion and cover the background, then let dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

4 / Apply a medium thick coat, and proceed immediately to step 5.

5 / Powder any surface that is still wet with paint with the additive powder. Powdering is done by throwing or projecting powder onto the surface, so it can adhere to the freshly painted surface.

6 / Allow to dry, then brush the excess of powder.


Note: The whole cannot be top coated, otherwise it will remove the effect of light reflection.

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