FOSFOSET Phosphorescent Water-based Ink for Silk Screen Printing

New series of phosphorescent solvent-free water-based screen printing inks

88.49£ tax incl.


Phosphorescent screen printing inks recharge themselves with natural ambient light or electric light; they glow in the dark from several minutes to several hours (depending on the colour, the thickness, the charge time and the intensity of the charge).

The phosphorescent effect has an endless lifetime.

FOSFOSET Screen Printing Inks are thick, of white colour, and become colourless/whitish after drying. They should normally be applied on light coloured fabrics. The phosphorescent effect is ineffective on coloured or dark backgrounds. It is therefore necessary to create a light background (white base)

Main characteristics:

  •  Application on cardboard, paper (minimum 130g) and wood

  •  Thinnable in water (±15%)

  • Appearance: matt

  • Available in 1L Pot

  • Sieve: use a sieve having a size <90 threads/cm max.

  • Drying: Totally dry and stackable at the tunnel exit

  • Air dry: +/- 6min

  • Thinning: Thinnable in water (±15%) to liquify. Thinning does not make possible the use of a much finer sieve, as the ink contains phosphorescent micro-crystals.

  • Emulsion: Water resistant emulsion (ex.: FOTOCOAT 1915 WR)

  • Coverage: 6-10 m²/L depending on the fabric used. For best results, a maximum thickness (min 50μm) is recommended.

  • Stability and storage: +/- 1 year



  • Sun and weather-resistant:

    - excellent light resistance.

  • good resistance to abrasion

  • highly resistant to water (after 12h). Our H6 Hardener can be added (3%) to increase the resistance.

  • resistance to washing: 20/40 cycles according to the temperature/thickness/detergent


Tool cleaning

  • Rinsing with water, with or without high pressure (before drying). No need for solvents or thinners!

  •  Totally odourless, non-hazardous product. Contains no heavy metals.

  • 4 shades that are colourless during daytime are available: Green (strong), Turquoise (good), blue (weak), purple (very weak)

  • 4 shades that are coloured during daytime are available: Yellow/Green, Orange/Green, Green/Green, Blue/Turquoise

    Other special effects screen printing Inks

  •  Photochromic and thermochromic shades are also available.

Do you want to make phosphorescent prints on fabrics?

Our dedicated factory LiteCristal in Tunisia can undertake the production: Please contact us by email. (Minimum order: 100 pieces)

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