Fabric and Cardboard Thermochromic Screen Printing Ink

The acrylic solvent-free printing and silk screen printing ink for fabric, paper, cardboard and wood displays a changing colour effect depending on the temperature.
Format: 1L

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Thermochromic Screen Printing Ink:

Colourless when exposed to hot temperature, and coloured when exposed to cold temperature: the thermochromic colour change is induced by an external heat source and occurs when the target temperature is getting near. The thermochromic ink then becomes more and more transparent.

On the contrary, the farther away from the referred temperature, the more it becomes colourful and has covering power.

The colour change is fully reversible and immediate.
The colour change factor is the temperature, which can be induced for example with water, air or touch.

Encre thermochromique de sérigraphie

The Silk Screen Printing Ink is thick and simple to use. It allows for fast drying – natural drying or tunnel drying (avoid temperatures beyond 45 °C)

The product is solvent-free and odourless; however it provides good flexibility and excellent resistance to machine washing.

Original use of thermochromic ink in fabric printing:

For example, you can hide a drawing or wording with a layer of thermochromic ink: the drawing will appear when exposed to heat and will be hidden by cold temperature.

Directions for use:
Printing Ink on all fine sieves.
Approximate consumption: 300g/sqm2
Thinning and cleaning with water
Appearance: matt
Available in 1L Pot
Drying: Totally dry and stackable at the tunnel exit
Air dry: +/- 15min
Emulsion: Water resistant emulsion (e.g.: FOTOCOAT 1915 WR)
Coverage: 3m²/L depending on the fabric used. For best results, a 50µm thickness is recommended.
Stability and storage: +/- 6 months: store away from light and in a cool place.

Avoid exposure to long periods of UVs and sunlight
highly resistant to water (after 12h). Our H6 Hardener can be added (3%) to increase the resistance.
resistance to washing: 20/40 cycles according to the temperature/thickness/detergent
Do use high washing temperature.

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