Standard or photoluminescent tactile nails

Tactile marking equipment consists of plate, strip or nails, usually installed on the ground, creating a textured surface (studs) intended to warn visually impaired pedestrians, through the perception of their feet during their trips, to avoid an obstacle, the risk of falling or stumbing.


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Tactile indicators made with nails:

We propose 3 types of CITY tactiles nails
>> CT-1011S - Stainless steel nail, 6 anti-slip slots (35*25*5mm)*15mm
>> CT-1013S - Stainless steel nail, 10 anti-slip slots (35*25*5mm)*15mm
>> CT-1030L - Extra High Phosphorescence photoluminescent nail (35*25*5mm)*12mm
You can select both products from the drop down menu above

Photoluminescent nail emits a green glow in the dark, and recharges during the day with exposure to light. The darker it gets, and the more it stays visible for a long time. Light rendering period depends of the intensity and type of light it has received. The luminescence of our Extra High Phosphorescence photoluminescent nails can last several hours and up to 12hrs.

Our CITY nails meet the French NF P 98-351 standard
- Nail head's diameter: 25mm
- Dome form, single bending radius
- 5mm thick (dome's height)
- Perfect resistance to temperature variations, fire and corrosion
- Anti-slip
These famous BEV (Hazard Tactile Warning) strips can be realised by using our nails, arranged to be staggered evenly while respecting the spacing between each nail. Tactile nails being BEV, they have to comply with French NF P 98-351 standard.
How to install the nails:
The best way to install them is to drill the ground and use chemical sealing with a high quality glue or resin (2-component epoxy type)
See our installation guide (pictures and PDF)

How to perform the installation in accordance with the requirements?
It's very simple if you follow our advice:
The standard requires for the strips a width of
> 58,7cm (+ 5mm more or less) with 8 nails across the width
> 40cm in width, width reduced with 6 nails across the width (this concerns among other things: stairways in buildings and facilities open to public "ERP")
Spacing between each nail: 75mm (between the axis)
Strip location: 50cm (from the edge of the stairs, for example)
Requirement for stairs with 3 steps and more (only the top of the stair flight must be equipped)
Warning: Amendment of the 2010 standard requires a clear contrast between the nail and the background, in order to be visible to visually impaired people
Therefore, silver nails should be installed on a dark background.
Photoluminescent nails display a light colour during the day, and a luminous green in the dark.
How many nails are needed
Per meter of length:
for a 59cm strip: 216 nails
for a 40cm strip: 149 nails

These tactile markings are recommended by French NF P 98-351 standard which requires the installation of Hazard Tactile Warning Strips (BEV)
in railway stations and when approaching pedestrian crossings and stairs.

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