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FT Pigments UV

The Arco Iris fluorescent pigments are visible under UV light and consist of inorganic luminescent compounds which absorb the short and long ultraviolet light waves. They retransmit this energy in the form of luminous bright colour in the visible spectrum. These products are also known under the name of invisible fluorescent pigments.

UV pigments show a faint colour or are colourless under normal light. They are semi-transparent and have low covering power. They are more visible over a black background rather than white backgrounds.
Under UV light, the UV pigments immediately emit an intense glow colour.

Colourless under normal light, all invisible fluorescent pigments are useful in the area of safety markings, or to create original marking. Their intensity allows them to be incorporated into printing ink formulas, adhesives, plastics, granules, and other materials such as synthetic fibers (by encapsulation), at low concentration which saves money.

COMPOSITION: heterocyclic aromatic compounds
MELTING POINT: > 2740C - 2770C
APPEARANCE AND ODOUR: White odourless powder
SOLUBILITY: Insoluble in water and most organic solvents
PH: 7.0 at 200C
Do not contain any radioactivity. Non-toxic/non-harmful under normal conditions of use.

Our UV luminescent pigments offer superior resistance to light (UV degradation) and a high stability against heat, sufficient for most uses. This resistance provides high performance over extended periods of time.
Under normal ambient conditions, UV pigments retain indefinitely their original colours and intensity
in the absence of UV light. Under certain circumstances, from prolonged exposure to sunlight, some pigments may be altered.


Mixing and compatibility:
The powders can be ground without loss of fluorescence intensity. They are available in a very fine particle size (55m).
Mixing ratio: 1 to 10%, in (all aqueous or solvent-based bases, plastics)
Warning: Do not use anti-UV topcoat (most clear coats contain an UV screen), as it inhibits the pigments' ability to react.
Arco Iris UV pigments are also available as ready for use inks (water-based and solvent-based)

Storage and Stability:
Keep pigments at room temperature (20-250C), away from light and moisture.

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