Photoluminescent adhesives

Photoluminescent adhesives
Photoluminescent adhesives are normally used as safety devices and photoluminescent signals and markings for the evacuation of people from buildings, industrial sites, ships, trains, theaters...
These products must comply with the NF X 08-050-2 standard

And so they must have the following characteristics:

Minimum luminance properties:
For safety signals, the required minimum luminance in Europe is class C.
Our products are available in class C and class D (higher class). We manufacture adhesives that can reach class E. The dimensions are of varying sizes as we can cut the rolls in a variety of widths (minimum 2.5 cm)

Strength characteristics are also very important:
Fire resistance (flame resistance) should be high: For this we don't use PET adhesive but PVC vinyl, whose resistance is much more higher, especially against bad weather (heat, rain, frost). The product is completely waterproof and enough resistant to friction, abrasion and cleaning (including all types of detergents commonly used).
Our products have successfully passed salt mist tests (NF EN ISO 9227)
Please contact us to get the test data and reports
For outdoor applications, flexible adhesive tapes have an estimated average life expectancy of 1 year. For maximum durability (several years), our aluminum strips should be used.

Application recommendations are given in our product and PDF data sheets:
The application is made on dry, clean, dust-free and completely exempt from grease substrates. Best adhesion is obtained on smooth surfaces.
Maintenance: Photoluminescent products don't require any special maintenance other than keeping them clean (regular dusting is recommended to ensure optimum brightness. Cleaning is done with a mild detergent). Nevertheless, it's advised to check regularly the system performance

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