Luminescent road and cycle path

Luminescent road and cycle path
You surely do not know that there are light signaling materials, functional for a hundred years, and which do not require any electricity supply? Have you ever heard of phosphorescent paint for the visibility of outdoor courses?

During the night, in or outside cities, and in the absence of lampposts, one could imagine a luminous road for pedestrians or cyclists, to guide them and help them identify obstacles. The phosphorescent cycle path is a way to reduce accidents, and also a way to achieve big energy savings.

Over the next few years, modern man will seek all means to save and preserve our sources of energy. In cities, turning off lights (light pollution) in the last part of the night, will undoubtedly be one of these measures. City dwellers will then have the chance to take a luminescent cycle path and contemplate the starry sky, but they will also have to find new means, economical, sustainable and respectful of the environment, to find their way in the dark.

Our photoluminescent products represent a perfect alternative, as they can create phosphorescent cycle paths by a completely natural process that does not require any maintenance or power supply, and whose lifespan is well over 50 years.

Signage, luminous road and phosphorescent cycle path

for the creation of a luminescent cycle path, photoluminescence and a "green" solution which has the following advantages

efficiency in the dark
Durability of the phenomenon beyond fifty years.
Economical, resistant and autonomous
Requires no power or maintenance
Performance without decay
Weather resistant
does not create light pollution

The company ARCO IRIS specializes in photoluminescent signage and offers phosphorescent equipment and materials that can be used outdoors, to create photoluminescent routes or a phosphorescent cycle path, for example.

Phosphorescent paint for light signaling
PHU2K paint is a certified two-component polyurethane acrylic which is resistant to all weather conditions and abrasion / trampling. It provides a very long durability. It was developed and used for Eurotunnel and is somewhat suitable for all media

Phosphorescent tiles:
it is the strongest photo-luminescent material for exteriors possible, from a mechanical strength as well as weather resistance point of view. It may be suitable for marking the course of a phosphorescent cycle path.

The gravel:
These are compounds based on pigments and glass, crushed in different sizes, which can be incorporated into the surface of concrete and cement to create luminous roads.

the silicone lines:
They can be inserted into the road. They are flexible and resistant.

They are extremely strong and durable, small and very economical.

Phosphorescent stones:
Different sizes, their natural appearance is indistinguishable from natural stones. Yet they shine at night. They can be incorporated into surface floors.

Aluminum bands
They are very economical, easy to stick, flexible and resistant. They can deliver a very high level of phosphorescence.

Flat pebbles
Available in 3 colors, these flat and large sized hard PS stones mimic natural stones very well and have unique shapes.

Reflective and phosphorescent studs
Both reflective, because they are fitted with reflectors, and at the same time phosphorescent in the mass, they are perfect for signaling phosphorescent pedestrian or cycle routes.

Phosphorescent resins:
These are very hard epoxies after mixing and drying, which allow a phosphorescent thickness to be cast.

The solution to fight light pollution

Luminous pigments offer countless possibilities for creating "luminous exterior paths" that are easy to recharge with light. Thanks to this The solution to fight against light pollution, many street lights and public lighting could therefore be shut down.
ARCO IRIS offers a tailor-made design and manufacturing service:
We can achieve according to your drawings, with our various specialized partners, the manufacture of your equipment, from the materials with which we work: aluminum, stainless steel, certain plastics and our phosphorescent resins.

Create a phosphorescent map to guide ONF hiking trails

The luminous materials based on Strontium aluminate are particularly effective when the darkness is intense. This is precisely the case in natural spaces, hiking trails, natural parks, forests. Luminous aluminum plates were used to Create a phosphorescent map for guiding ONF hiking trails
Arco Iris produces these plates printed with the constellation map for the French forest office. The light cards are recharged throughout the day with natural light, and the phosphorescence is observable throughout the night.


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