Invisible Fluorescent Soluble Dye

100% Water soluble Invisible fluorescent pigment

Available in 25g, 100g, 500g and 1kg
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FDS Invisible Fluorescent TDS Invisible fluorescent

Dyes are highly concentrated soluble powders. These are not ready-to-use products

Our fluorescent dye absorbs ultraviolet rays then emits a coloured fluorescence almost instantly: the light energy is very quickly released during this molecular process. Then, when the UV source disappears or is blocked, the material immediately stops being fluorescent.

The fluorescent dye is highly concentrated: it is completely colourless and transparent when dispersed in water.

Our soluble dyes are powders, which dissolve completely in water or solvents:
STFD-LO-111 Blue In Solvents
STFD-LO-112 C. Green In Solvents
STFD-LO-113 Yellow In Solvents
STFD-LO-114 red In solvents

365nm Fluorescent Invisible Soluble Dye (Water Based Systems)
GLSBSW Blue In the water

Product description :

Reference: GLSBSW
Colour conversion:
From: colourless without exposure to UV/IR
To: Colourful when exposed to UV/IR

Organic pigment powder

The dye has a yellowish colour in concentrated powdered state.
It is perfectly colourless after dissolution and dilution in water

Particle size: 1-10µm


It turns blue in response to 365nm radiation

Applications in formulations:
- Water-based paints and inks: OK
- Solvent-based paints and inks
- Plastic injection/extrusion

Easily soluble and great efficiency at a very low concentration in the dispersion
Inks and paint: 0.1 - 10%
Plastics: 0.01 - 0.5% (best results achieved with 0.02% in a 0.2cm thickness)


To disolve the fluorescent solvent dyes, these solvents can be used for example








Always use a clear medium/material/resin to allow light to get in and out easily.
The concentration depends on the usage and the print thickness.
For inks, always pre-thin the dye in its solvent (e.g. water) before adding it to the resin.

Plastics: Can be applied to many types of plastics with a temperature that should not exceed 240 °C

The dye is a non-hazardous product under normal conditions of application. Safe product for the fields of packaging or toys.
Keep away from light in its closed packaging.

365 nm fluorescent invisible soluble dye (solvent / oil based systems)
STFD-LO-111 Blue (in stock)
STFD-LO-112 C. Green (in stock)
STFD-LO-113 Yellow 
STFD-LO-114 red (in stock)

365nm Fluorescent Invisible Soluble Dye (Water Based Systems)
GLSBSW Blue (in stock)

Insoluble fluorescent pigments invisible at 365 nm (water-based systems)
STFD-LI-211 Blue
STFD-LI-212 C. Green
STFD-LI-213 Yellow
STFD-LI-214 Purple
STFD-LI-215 red

254 nm fluorescent invisible insoluble pigments (solvent / oil based systems)
STFD-SI-311 C. Green
STFD-SI-321 lemon
STFD-SI-312 Yellow
STFD-SI-322 Gold
STFD-SI-323 Light Orange
STFD-SI-313 Orange
STFD-SI-314 Red Orange

Invisible fluorescent pigments IR (water-based systems)
STFD-IR-411 Blue (in stock)
STFD-IR-412 C. Green (in stock)
STFD-IR-421 yellow
STFD-IR-413 red
STFD-IR-422 white
STFD-IR-423 Pink

Invisible Fluorescent Pigments 254nm / 365nm (Solvent / Oil Based Systems)

STFD-BI-521 Green / Blue
STFD-BI-522 Yellow Green / Blue
STFD-BI-523 Pink / Blue
STFD-BI-524 Yellow / Red

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