StardustColors SAS was founded in 2009 and is located in St Laurent des Arbres (zip code 30126), France. We are now part of the world's best specialists on photoluminescence.

STRATEGY: Our leadership and fast growth rely on

- The sale of a wide range of rare phosphorescent objects via nine websites in Europe.
- In-house manufacturing (photoluminescent floor painting, signages ...)
- A preferred international network of specialized suppliers
- Efficient logistics (permanent stock of 600 references shipped by express mail in Europe and in the world)

MARKET: Our luminescent products serve a wide audience:

- Individuals, with our fluorescent paint for our creative leisures, or even our phosphorescent spray paint
- Public Works and Decoration professionals, flooring specialists, with our granulates or stones that glow in the dark
- Buildings and facilities open to public, theaters or cinemas (photoluminescent adhesives, stair nosing for photoluminescent marking)
- Paint formulation suppliers, ink and plastic manufacturers for our photoluminescent pigments or fluorescent UV pigments
- And also companies from various industries, such as transportation (with our extensive offering of retroreflective tapes for vehicles) or for ships and trains, as well as in the army or nuclear firms through our activity of safety strip cutting.


Our team is committed to providing technical advices but also helping to comply with standards. We can respond and manufacture very quickly tailored products according to specific requirements (photoluminescent emergency exit signs, self-adhesive retroreflective tapes...)

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