Fluorescent Invisible Ink reacting under UV Light

Ultra-violet Fluorescent Liquid Inks

Colourless by day

Choice of 10 colours:
2 packagings available: 60ml - 1L

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Invisible Fluorescent Ink Description

The invisible inks become fluorescent* when illuminated by black light.
* They are then bright and colourful.

They are mainly used in the fields of security, marking and anti-counterfeiting.
They can also be used in the decorative area and in the events sector.


In the absence of UV light, they are undetectable, completely colourless and transparent: they do not leave marks, and do not change the appearance of the substrate (the hue or gloss are not modified)

The colours can be mixed with each other.


Inkjet printing, rotogravure printing, security and marking, drawing. They can be used for filling ink cartridges.

- 1 Water-based Blue Ink
- 9 Solvent-based Inks

Pigment concentration: 2-5%

As standard, our inks are ultra-fluid and have a low level of viscosity.
They are highly concentrated and create a light effect in 1 single pass (25µm dry)

For the water-based Blue ink, a thicker version suitable for screen printing can be produced on request.

Invisible fluorescent colours available:

Our fluorescent inks are in stock, available in 10 colours and can be delivered 24hrs after ordering:
- Invisible Ink, Blue Green, IUV-TW (W)
- Invisible Ink, Deep blue, IUV-BS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Purple, IUV-VS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Pink, IUV-PS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Red, IUV-RS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Orange, IUV-OS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Yellow, IUV-YS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Lime, IUV-LS (S)
- Invisible Ink, Green, IUV-GS (S)
- Invisible Ink, White, IUV-WS (S)

*S = solvent-based / W = water-based

The ink is perfectly colourless by day, thus the colour described indicates only the fluorescent colour obtained (colour revealed under UV light) when exposed to black light.

On the other hand, the color observed in the dark may differ depending on the color of the background, because they are transparent "light" colors.

Encres de Sécurité

Fluorescent Security Inks:
Our inks react only when exposed to a light source with a wavelength of 365nm

Very fast ambient air drying.
Dry to the touch: 1 min
Through-dry: 10 min

Protect the invisible inks against long exposure to sunlight.
Their excellent service life depends mainly on their exposure to UVs.

Viscosity: 20 seconds CA N°4 at 20°C
Density : approx. 920g/L

Store in a tightly closed container, always away from light.

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