Anti-gravel and anti-fuel paint for radio-controlled models - HIKARI

HIKARI RC anti-fuel and anti-gravel protective coating

for paints on LEXAN hulls and RC models

100% hydro acrylic base

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HIKARI RC anti fuel is a protective coating of " Nitro Block " type which is used in the world of the radio-controlled models, in particular as final coat of protection of the paintings and decorations achieved inside the LEXAN bodyworks.


The hydrocarbons used in the world of RC models, which can be gasoline or methanol, have a disastrous effect on the paint: it crumples, peels and softens.


Use for motorized RC models : airplane, car, boat.


To prevent possible damage to the paintwork, the "NitroBlock" type coating is effective in shielding the engine heat and fuel splashes.


Paint protection for RC models

HIKARI RC anti-fuel paint is a water-based acrylic product that can withstand light or heavy exposure to any type of hydrocarbon.

Thick and flexible, it also ensures a good protection against gravel and impact, in order to avoid cracking, crazing, and peeling of painted decorations.


Data sheet:

Product appearance: White

Product delivered pure, to be diluted with water, using a spray gun or airbrush

Nozzle : 1,0 mm - 1,5 mm

Pressure : 2,5 bars / 30 psi

Density: 1.1

VOC content: <20g/L

Apply two to four coats

Drying time : 1 h / 20°C

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