Ancient Egypt Collection" Phosphorescent Papyrus - 10 frescoes

On this page you will find our 10 models of photoluminescent papyrus made in Egypt.
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Hand-crafted phosphorescent frescoes from the "Egypt collection", silkscreen printed on real Papyrus

Papyrus is a natural material that has been used for more than 5000 years by the Egyptians when Pharoahs once ruled.
The phosphorescent prints are based on the amazing properties of some rare earths that emit light in the darkness after absorbing light energy during day time.

"We guarantee that our papyrus are handmade in accordance with old techniques.
We use papyrus leaves from fields located in the Nile Delta of our Egyptian partner.
Phosphorescent drawings and paints are made by talented artists, using old techniques.
The pictures are copies from existing drawings found in tombs or temples in the Nile Valley, mainly.
Prints are produced using handicraft in a workshop in Hurghada, Egypt. Each copy is a unique piece that is handmade.

Silk screen printing inks are used for their phosphorescent and non-toxic properties: The phosphorescent prints glow effortlessly in the dark for 8 to 10 hrs, according to the 3 luminescent natural colours (rare earths) used: green, turquoise and blue.



"We believe that the Egyptians knew the photoluminescent products they used to paint writings on the walls in their dark areas," declares Researcher Gianasso in Egypt."


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