Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint PH90000 odorless

Three-component epoxy paint in kit 3 components

of 1.73 kg or 8.65 kg

48h delivery

Solvent-free product

135.00£ tax incl.

MSDS Floor paint TDS EPOXY 9000 Photoluminescence measuring degressive prices_min

Our odorless epoxy photoluminescent tracking system for floors allows the production of photoluminescent* guide strips on the floor (strips from 25mm to 100mm wide, continuous or discontinuous).

*The light energy is captured and stored and then slowly released as phosphorescence. 15 minutes of 50 lux min illumination are required at least every 12 hours.

It is a tri-component coating, easy to use, delivered in kit composed of 2 resins and 1 powder

Suitable for heavy-duty industrial floors, hospital floors, factories

Allows adhesion to any support (wood, concrete, cement, metal)

Application is recommended over a light background.

Due to the thickness and strength of the epoxy floor system, a white background is not necessary but it is not recommended to apply over a dark background.


Phosphorescent epoxy floor paint is a three-component

  • resin 90000

  • powder Ym07

  • hardener 90005 

Yield :


Photoluminescent floor resin paint : unbeatable qualities !

  • Class C photoluminescence in accordance with NF X 08 050 standards.

  • Easy application in 1 thick coat

  • Very high hardness

  • Very high abrasion resistance

  • Very high resistance to chemicals

  • 0 shrinkage

  • 0 VOC, solvent release, odor emissions

  • Avoid outdoor application and exposure (UVs). 


Kit  1.73 kg (3 m²)

1kg resin 90000

0.35kg powder Ym07

0.38kg hardener 90005


Kit  8.65 kg  (17m²)

5kg resin 90000

1.75kg powder Ym07

1.9kg hardener 90005 

Be careful !

Observe the mixing sequence :

  • resin 90000 (component I)

  • powder Ym07 (component II)

Mix thoroughly before incorporating component III.

  • hardener 90005

Stir perfectly and do not delay because the potted mixture creates a very important exothermic effect (heating) and a premature hardening.

and apply to the substrate immediately

Be careful, the mixture in the pot heats up very quickly, you must avoid mixing in the bucket with a thickness of more than 5 cm to avoid the "mass effect"!


Support :

Healthy, dust-free, dry.


Application : The product is applied by pouring between two masking strips.

and then you spread it out with a brush. The product is self-smoothing.

Remove masking tape within 5 to 30 minutes !


The application on vertical surfaces is possible, without flow, if the temperature is higher than 20°C.


Thickness : For a thickness of 500µm, the level of phosphorescence is very high.


Drying : For a thickness of 500µm, core hardness and use is possible in 12 hours at 20-30°C.


Cleaning of tools : possible with solvents, within 10 minutes after mixing.


Price : depending on surface quantities, 30 to 50 % discounts can be offered. Price offer by e-mail to



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